5 reasons why you should ditch your obsolete USB memory stick

Brief history on storage devices over the last twenty years

When I first started using computers the storage device of choice was the humble 1.44mb floppy disk drive (133mm x 90mm). Ccdr's were then another option and then USB memory sticks became the weapon of choice for computer users.

USB sticks are compact, able to store about more memory and universal for most computers. They have been around for a long time and used by most people today.

5 reasons why you should ditch your obsolete USB memory stick

  1. Losing them/leaving them in the computer - if you work at more the one location during a given day, it's likely you've done this before and you can be left stranded and annoyed!
  2. Different types of encryption at the office - For two of the places I work they use different encryption technologies meaning one won't work at the on the other system's on vice versa.
  3. Email the document or files to yourself - sometimes it's quicker, easier and more secure to email the document to yourself and this methods bypasses needing a physical storage device. It also make the document accessible anywhere in the world that has Internet access.
  4. Use cloud storage - with options such as Google drive, Microsoft one drive Mega etc. you can store all your files in the cloud and access them around the world.
  5. VPN / VDI - Many companies now offer their staff a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or VDI service.In simple terms this means you can access your word desktop computer at home, in the cafe, at your Mum's and basically anywhere that you have stable internet access.

Further reading

Would you be surprised that "65 percent of employees still use USB devices to transfer company data"(Lepadatu, 2016) ?

More info here


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