Canvas LMS the replacement of obsolete Blackboard?

Exciting times ahead for the next academic year as I embrace the CanvasLMS VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

It has been clear for a while that blackboard is just no longer fit for purpose any more from a lecturers point of view. The number of clicks needed to put up an announcement, uploading one document at a time and the time before turn it when marking work on-line was a nightmare.



Upon doing research ahead of my Canvass training, I particularly like the 1984/Apple parody found on their YouTube channel!

It would appear that this new VLE will allow for more interactivity for students as well with the more easier to use 'responsive' design that caters better for the ubiquitous computing devices that we are increasingly being surrounded with in 2016.


Instructure, C. (2016) VLE for institutions. Available at: (Accessed: 30 June 2016).